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Violence In New Orleans Address
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”dxgct93_hlA” title=”Violence In New Orleans Address” upload_time=”2016-04-28T01:02:30.000Z” description=”Mayor Mitch Landrieu will give an address on violence in New Orleans at Tulane University. Mayor Landrieu will outline steps the City has taken to reduce violence” duration=”PT1H9M54S”]
Mayor Mitch Landrieu will give an address on violence in New Orleans at Tulane University. Mayor Landrieu will outline steps the City has taken to reduce violence and issue a call to action for the New Orleans community.

The speech is open to the public. Those who are not able to attend are encouraged to follow @mayorlandrieu and @NOLA_FOR_LIFE on Twitter for live tweeting of the event using the hashtag #N4L. Video streaming live from the Mayor’s address can be viewed here external link at the start of the event.

  8 Responses to “Violence In New Orleans Address”

  1. I, as a teacher in NY will be coming home to NOLA in future. I hope to be
    mentoring in education, helping young people to learn, acquire skills and
    maybe make better choices?

  2. One main issue is a Culture that uses Willie Lynch type doctrine that
    Enables the women to be provoking but not held accountable for their
    actions. I sat in Municipal Court as women faced with charges have their
    cases dropped. Jefferson Parish has a Model for Domestic Violence that is
    yet to be properly implemented in Orleans Parish. Another problem comes
    from Orleans Civil Courts that has women Judges(women in the same
    household’ period changes to coincide with each other) that adds to this
    enabling society by not protecting the rights of the children to have both
    parents involved in their lives due to The Love Of Money over what is fair
    & Just. Many of the single parent households in turn, enable these abused
    children because Parental Alienation is Child Abuse as they grown into
    immature adults. Creating the violent cycle that has plagued this city
    since the early 90’s where it became Murder Capital of the World. While
    being head of security at Whispers 2000, Rhythm City, Rockafella 2.0 &
    Dreams for United Protect, our main problem was Women and Males that were
    raised by women who tend to be emotional versus Logical (B*tch Made
    Nigga’s). They would over react, assume & blow the smallest issues out of

  3. There is a Rudeness about the females here, like an expected courtesy that
    they feel like they are entitled to here. Their disrespectful nature is the
    root to much of the violence that is provoking. A lost of order creates the
    air of disrespect and when we as a society begin to hold them accountable,
    the immature nature of most females will change the whole climated of
    disrespect. Many lack father figures & at first, want a man who can deal
    with them but all to soon they attack the man’s character in a sense to
    undermine his virtues. So the children grow up with that same
    disrespectful, entitled behavior & try to get away with bad behavior &
    attitude problems.

  4. Studies have proven that Rudeness is contagious like a virus.

  5. What I see … In court with female judges, there is a lack of patience and
    investigation of evidence. The word of a woman is taken without any burden
    of proof. In female judges don’t listen to reason because they themselves
    are emotional creatures, void of logical reasoning. The mothers can tell on
    themselves but the female judges I’ve come across, don’t read body
    language, don’t require any burden of proof & do not actually think what’s
    in the best interest of the child. As I explained to Judge Nakisha
    Ervin-Knott, self help explained that a provisional Judgement had been
    rendered & since time had passed, I being a parent was entitled to a
    modification of the order. I feel that I would do better in a Lawsuit
    against Orleans Parish over hiring a Lawyer just to intervene to gain
    Rights that should automatically be protected.

  6. In my recent appearance before an Orleans Parish Female Judge (my second
    one) in my attempt to have my parental rights adhered to, I find several
    infractions to the Code of Conduct by United States Judges. Instead of
    paying a Lawyer to represent your 14th Amendment Rights, I see opportunity.
    As the Disciplinary NCO of my Section, “hit them in they wallet” was the
    best attitude adjuster for most all and folks in positions are simply not
    doing their jobs properly, an accepted incompetence in Society. I suggest a
    different plan of approach for fathers to begin registering Misconduct of
    Judges as to tarnish their records and create a paper trail … It will
    serve the same purpose as an Arrest Record which is viewed differently than
    Convictions. Documenting Injustices is the Best Way to truly change the
    status quo for the future of our sons. Capiche!?

  7. With New Orleans Cops & Orleans Judicial System, there is a Dereliction of
    Duty and insubordination! Clearly there is a lack of proper supervision
    that fails to correct employees and explain to them the requirements of
    their job description. The blind leading the Blind!

  8. Address Fatherless homes by first #ProtectingChildrensRights and
    #FathersRights … that will change the violence that is in New Orleans!
    #OrleansCivilCourts need #Overhaul. Judge Jupiter nor Judge Ervin-Knott is
    fit to preform their duties without improprieties, impartiality nor the
    patience to be diligent in reviewing cases before them in following the law
    and mediating cases. They violate the Judicial Code of Conduct because the
    have no honor and are incapable of having integrity. Judge Jupiter ordered
    an 18 month restraining order for my kids when she herself found out that
    there was no violence nor any threat of violence in her questioning of the
    mother. Judge Ervin-Knott is incompetent when she signed court documents
    that stated that I was absent when court minutes will prove I was present
    in court! Records will show that I paid for and was approved an appeal from
    Judge Jupiter’s decision that never was given a court date. Judge
    Ervin-Knott was informed of this mishandling of my case and failed to even
    address Judge Jupiter’s court order that the mother be mentally evaluated.
    I filed a complaint with The Judiciary Commission of Louisiana and informed
    by Mary Counsel that my complaint does not allege judicial misconduct
    within the scope of their jurisdiction. If I snap from the injustice, I am
    wrong when I have done everything within my power to seek assistance in
    receiving justice.

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