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What are the Basics of Homeowners Insurance?

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Jun 282021
Basics of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects you against needing to cover unexpected repair or replacement expenses out of your own pocket if an accident damages your house or property, or if you are responsible for property damage or bodily injury to someone else on your property. Many people purchase homeowner’s insurance policies as an “add-on” to their standard homeowner’s insurance policy. 

How Do Homeowners Insurance Deductibles Work?

The most important and crucial key consumer tip that you need to have in order to find and select an affordable insurance is this: the higher the deductible, the lower the premium you will pay. So, this means that the lower the deductible you select, the more you will save on insurance premiums when buying a home. This is the single most important thing that you need to know and understand if you want to get affordable insurance.

Basics of homeowners insurance

Personal Belongings

The first item in a home insurance policy is personal belongings. This is the value that will be paid out should you die, be injured or have items stolen. In order to get this protection, you should insure all of your personal belongings when you purchase the home insurance policy. Items that are especially valuable should be insured. Your home insurance policy may also cover personal possessions if you were to borrow money and had items in your house.

Another thing that is a part of personal belongings that is covered by your homeowner’s policy is household building contents. These include furniture, appliances, computers, art materials, jewelry and other similar items. Many policies will also cover other things like bed linens and personal clothing and suits. Some coverage limits for this type of coverage are a maximum dollar amount per item, total coverage for a year and/or deductibles for payment.

Basics of homeowners insurance

Personal Liability

The next thing that commonly is covered in homeowners’ insurance policies is personal liability. This is the amount that is paid out should someone become injured or die while in your home. This type of liability protection is usually calculated on the construction and area of your home and is generally the lowest amount that will be paid out. Many policies will require proof of liability before they pay out any claim. Liability can include but is not limited to, damage done to another person or their property.

Basics of Homeowners insurance

Bodily Injury Coverage

One of the last choices when it comes to insuring your belongings and your personal property is bodily injury coverage. Bodily injury coverage is designed to cover events involving you and your property. This could be something as simple as a fall or a cut. It could also be covering a dog attack or an attempted burglary. If you purchase bodily injury coverage, it will be included in your homeowners insurance. 

Basics of homeowners insurance


These are just some things to consider when it comes to homeowners insurance policies. Always review your policy to make sure you understand all the coverage provided, so you can protect yourself against unexpected events. Once you have a solid homeowner’s insurance policy in place, you can rest much easier knowing that it will protect you financially in case of damage or loss to your home, and that you will never again have to worry about what to do if you’re forced to repair damage caused by natural elements such as wind or water. When you are ready to sell your home, your homeowners insurance will play an important role, especially during the real estate appraisal.

What is a Real Estate Appraisal?

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Apr 042021
What is a Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate appraisals, real estate appraisal, or real estate valuation is the procedure of coming to an opinion of the actual value for the property under contract. Real estate deals often involve appraisals as they happen infrequently and each property is quite unique, unlike most corporate shares, which are almost identical and happen everyday. Real Estate Appraisals take many forms and names including real estate appraisal, cost appraisal, estate appraisal, and mortgage analysis. These terms can be used interchangeably with each other and it would be prudent to become conversant with them all before proceeding.

The Home Inspection

Inspection is part of a real estate appraisal and the process involves the inspection of the property at the time of its purchase by the buyer. The inspection report forms part of the package that is provided to the client when he signs the sales contract and gives the agent permission to make an inspection. When this report is received by the agent, he will evaluate it against the price list given by the buyer and will make his determination of the actual value of the property. A qualified inspector will be able to do this in a thorough and accurate manner.

In order for a real estate appraisal to be accurate, it must be free from errors and omissions. This can only be ensured during a home inspection. The inspection is carried out by professionals such as home inspectors. An inspection report provides valuable information on the condition of the house as well as any renovations that may be required. A home inspection report is signed by the inspector after the inspection and the client receives a copy. It is important to have a copy of the home inspection report at all times. An insurance agency can also request an appraisal to determine the best type of coverage a homeowner needs.

It’s Not Always Done Traditionally

Appraisals are not necessarily done in a traditional way. Some states in the US have made it mandatory for real estate agents to obtain appraisals based on the current market value. For instance, in Florida, a realtor cannot offer a home at a sale price higher than the market value. Home inspections are also carried out by professionals who are certified in this field. They will determine whether repairs or renovations are needed to bring the property into compliance with prevailing standards in the market.

Homeowners in Florida have the option of requesting a home appraisal for various reasons. One reason is to determine whether the asking price is fair. Sometimes, people make an offer lower than the property is worth. Asking for an appraisal ensures that you get the asking price. Homebuyers who want to verify the accuracy of the property’s market value should request an appraisal from the real estate agent who is selling the property. If there is discrepancy between the offer and the value of the property, the buyer can then work with the agent to determine what to do about the discrepancies.

The state of Florida has its own fair market value requirement for real estate appraisals and all real estate appraisers must abide by the state law. Appraisers who violate this law are subject to disciplinary actions. Appraisers who are licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services are required to obtain FHA and HUD certifications before offering home appraisals in Florida. Appraisers who wish to become members of the Florida Association of Appraisers must complete a one-year fellowship in appraising, building and financial services.

Buying a Home in 2018

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Mar 222018
buying or selling a home in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a great year to purchase a home.

With mortgage interest rates still hovering at historic lows, the overall cost of home-ownership is relatively low.

Home prices have come back since the real estate bubble burst in 2008 – and has seen consistent growth, fueled by extremely low interest rates on home purchases.

With the economy raging and the federal reserve looking at raising rates to avoid inflation – there has never been a better time to purchase a home.

Interest Rates Affect Home Ownership

Most people are aware that the cost of home ownership is affected by mortgage interest rates — just not to the extent that it actually is.  The difference in the rise of your mortgage rate by 1 percent — has a tremendous effect on how much your home costs.  Many people think that negotiating the sales price on a home down by $5,000 is a huge thing — but truth is, that $5,000 is dwarfed by even a small difference in mortgage rates.

2018 is a Great Year to Sell Your Home

2018 is shaping up to be a great year to sell your home.  It may seem counter-intuitive that its a great time to buy AND a great time to sell.  How can that be?  It seems as if its a sellers market than its a great time to sell but if its a buyers market — it may not be the best time to list your home for sale.  Truth is…its back to those interest rates!

Currently, we see a good bit of demand for housing — many real estate markets have had a great year in 2017 based off of the local demand for housing.   Even though home prices are expected to continue to increase; the increase in housing prices are minimal when compared to even a small increase in mortgage interest rates.  If rates rise, even with the demand for housing, even the best real estate agents who are doing everything possible to increase your homes viability to sell — will have a hard time selling a home.

Affordability of Housing

At the end of the day, it all comes down to affordability.  There are many factors that affect the cost of home ownership. When people are looking at moving from a renter to a homeowner, their overall monthly spend is what is looked at.  That includes their homeowners insurance, mortgage interest, costs of upkeep taxes and maintenance.  Same thing applies when people are selling their home to either downsize or get a bigger home.  So regardless there is huge demand — the mortgage rates available make a huge difference in if people are buying homes — and at what prices they are buying homes at.

Good for Buyer and Seller

With all of that said — with the current demand for housing coupled with the low interest rates — we think that 2018 is a GREAT time to either buy or sell.  Once the mortgage interest rates go up (and most economist believe they will) it hurts for both the home seller and the home buyer.

How Mortgage Rates Affect Housing

The Hidden Costs of Buying A Home

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Feb 162018
hidden-cost of buying a home

What to Look For When Buying a Home and the Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

Many first time homebuyers are not aware that when buying a home you don’t simply need the down payment required by your lender and then make mortgage payments every month. There are many additional costs that come with home ownership that you don’t hear too much about, but you need to budget for them.

Yes – its true that owning a home ultimately provides wealth and long term financial security.  In addition, because of many of the tax benefits of owning a home, you may be better off from a cash flow perspective — as opposed to renting.

That still done’t remove the fact that many other costs are associated with purchasing a home that little is said about.  If you have chosen a good real estate agent or broker they have most likely went over most of this with you.  Nonetheless, for  those of you that are attempting to purchase your home without a real estate agent – you need to know this list.

Additional Costs in Purchasing a Home

•    Homeowner’s association fee – this applies especially if you live in a condo.

•    Mortgage interest – this is what your lender gets for lending you the money and it can vary depending on the size and terms of your mortgage contract.

•    Closing costs – under these are appraisal fees, attorney fees, title insurance, property transfer taxes and inspection fees. You should look at all the fees you are paying carefully to make sure that there are no hidden ones.

  • Appraisal Fees
  • Home inspection costs
  • Maintenance costs – you need to be able to maintain your home after you have bought it.
  • Property tax – you will pay a little over $2,000 a year.
  • Home insurance – this is in case of the loss of your home.
  • Utilities – in the average home these come to about $3,000 a year.

Other factors to take into account

hidden costs of home ownership

hidden costs of home ownership

Other than the hidden costs you should look into the following:

•    Check on the condition of the roof. Roofs are expensive and if you buy a home that has an old one you will have to replace it at your own cost. When looking for a home to buy specify to your realtor that you are looking for one with a relatively new roof.

•    Be more about the structure than the other things. You may be put off, for example, by the color of the walls when in reality they are very sound walls. You can put a different coat of paint and transform the rooms to your liking.

•    Older homes tend to have heating and cooling problems so if you choose something old make sure that the air conditioning works properly. The plumbing also matters – check for leaks, water damage or mold.

•    The land that the home lies in also matters – if you buy a home that sits in an area prone to flooding, wildfires or other natural disasters you will be taking a huge risk.

•    Insulation is very important. If you buy a house that doesn’t have proper insulation you will freeze during the cold months. It will also cost you a lot of money to heat. Find out from the records the last time that insulation was done.

•    Check faucets, showers switches, locks and everything else to make sure that they work. These may look like minor details but if you buy the home and find out that they are broken you will have to fix them at your own expense.

•    Have a proper home inspection done by a professional. They are more thorough and they are able to point out problems that you may not have noticed.

Lastly, make sure that you are working with a reliable real estate agent – they will make the process of buying a home a lot easier.

How Rehabilitation Programs Reduce Crime

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Aug 072017
drugs and crime

Crime and Drugs

It is not news to anyone that drug addiction goes hand in hand with crime.  Not necessarily for the reasons that one may think. In most cases, it is not the drug abuser or the addict that is generally responsible for an increase in crime, it is the fact in which many drug dealers have to stay outside of the law to be profitable at their business.

Rehabilitation Centers and Crime

Understanding that there is a direct correlation between drug use and crime, one would think that the ability to rehabilitate an addict should reduce crime.  By this rational, having a rehabilitation center located close by should be a positive for crime statistics.  Fighting the addiction problem directly can be the best solution.

The Link Between Drugs and Crime

The Many Benefits of Drug Rehabilitation Programs 

drugs and crime statsThere are many benefits of drug rehab programs and plan centers. In fact, these venues can help you deal and overcome all your addictions. Rehabilitation center services also feature inpatient rehab, which allows you to receive professional guidance, counseling and medication services.

You also get to participate in individual and group therapy sessions – with leading doctors that are committed to helping you combat addiction. Whether dealing with drugs or alcohol, there is no shame in looking or asking for help. In fact, you are taking a brave step towards bettering yourself and your health for years to come.


Outpatient Rehab Center Services

Whether dealing with alcohol addiction or substance abuse, outpatient rehab centers are committed to helping you get your life. Outpatient services do not require patients to stay in treatment centers for days or weeks. Instead, they are free to participate in counseling programs, along with individual and group therapy sessions.

Patients get to learn about the origins of their addictions, along with how to control their emotions and temptations. From outpatient to inpatient, drug rehab centers feature compassionate and caring physicians and staff. They are simply committed to helping you cope and overcome your addiction. They will never judge you and are part of a team that understands all types of additions and physical – mental – physiological symptoms and issues.


The Right Rehab Center for You

From drugs and alcohol to anxiety and depression, finding the right rehab center does not have to be hard. Many rehab facilities focus on one specific aspect of addition.  With the rise of opioid addiction, we have seen many rehabilitation centers focus on fighting opioid addiction.  Some have a focus on alcohol, benzodiazepines or cocaine and some even focus on doctors who have found themselves addicted.

Help From Loved Ones

Loved ones can be a great asset in getting help with addiction.  Its not always easy, but you can reach out to family members and friends for help. They are your support and will always love you no matter what.

With this in mind, you can speak to them about helping you find the best treatment center. These centers not only help you medically and mentally – but also change your life forever. In fact, guidance counselors and doctors can truly show you the path to inner happiness – and especially – a drug-free and healthier lifestyle. They also show you how to avoid triggers that can cause relapses back into addiction. This is done with:


  • Educating and informing you on the best ways to avoid alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other harmful substances.
  • Teaching you how to love yourself, while reconnecting with your body, mind, spirit and soul.
  • Embracing your beliefs, ethics and morals – never judging you – and helping you become a strong-minded and independent person that will no longer need “crutches” to combat daily trials and tribulations of life.
  • Helping you improve your health with proper eating habits, rest, activities, and staying positive even in the most negative situations!



Nov 282016
road to recovery rehab



Social lifestyle, development, and interactions are important aspects of human life and therefore call for excellence and aptness in dealing with the issues that might affect the success of your livelihood. Seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation is one sure way of ensuring social and personal success in your life for those with the problem of substance dependency. Rehab is a program that seeks to restore or heal those with drug or alcohol dependence into their former self before they became an addict or started using these substances. The program is often done in a rehabilitation center which is a facility with professionals who will help the patient overcome drug and alcohol dependency by taking them through the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment.  There are two types of facilities – inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab.

Drug Treatment

Drug rehab involves seeking treatment for drug substances dependency; such substances include marijuana, heroin, cocaine or other illicit drugs. At the rehabilitation center, the professionals will guide and treat all the underlying causes of addiction. In most instances, the budget and location will not matter, but the success of the program is what is most important.


Detox involves abstaining from using toxic substances and is the first step as well as the most important process in the rehabilitation program and can take up to two weeks or fourteen days. Drug detox is very helpful in preventing the patient from harmful drug effects such as unexpected cessation of drug use and is helpful in enabling the patient to completely abstain from drugs. During the detoxification process, the patients might experience withdrawal problems such as insomnia, sweating, anxiety, excessive yawning, muscle aches, runny nose, agitation, anxiety and among others.

rehab louisianaThere are several types of drug detox which include outpatient, inpatient rehab, and opioid detox as well as . Outpatient rehab involves visiting the rehabilitation center without necessarily having to sleep or board in the rehab facility. Outpatient detox caters the patient with the less severe problem of addiction, those with tight job or home commitment or in some instances those with budget or finance issues. Inpatient detox is for those people with severe cases of drug addiction problem and requires constant attention by the rehabilitation professionals. Opioid Detox is the third type of detox which mostly affects those who are addicted to heroin or prescribed painkillers.

It is vital to understand that drug abuse not only affects the patient but also his/her family as well. There are some common issues that are prevalent among the drug users during the detoxification process. These issues include violence, the drug users can hurt others or even themselves, such patients require restraint or sedation since they can also harm the staff members. Other effect includes psychosis which is becoming paranoid and the patient suffering from psychosis is unpredictable and can have erratic behavior.  Other sources of psychosis which may involve restraint include when patients have addictions from some of the newer street drugs such as Flakka.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

alcohol rehabAlcohol addiction is another social problem that greatly affects people, and like the drugs, they do not only affect the addicted person but his/her family members. During the rehabilitation program or detox, withdrawing from alcohol causes the following problems that include shivering, nausea or vomiting, hallucination, anxiety, insomnia, sweating among other effects. During the rehabilitation program, patients are provided with the certain form of medication for a limited period to help him/her ease discomfort.

It is important to seek rehabilitation or advice your friend or family to undergo treatment in any drug rehab program so as to prevent him/her from prolonged harmful effects that can result to more health complication or even death. After detox, the patient will start the actual treatment which will eventually help him to understand the actual causes of his/her addiction problem which can be underlying personal issues which can be resolved. The patients will also get personalized treatment specific to their problems through psychological assessments or physical diagnosis and get the treatment they require. Rehabilitation for drug or alcohol can help a patient break the cycle of dependence and provide room for living a straight and healthy life by enabling a patient to focus on staying away from distractions and interference.

Rehabilitation helps the people with an addiction problem to adjust their approach to life and substance abuse and make the correct choice as well as demonstrating a commitment to better life.

Scott Bakula On Shooting ‘NCIS’ In New Orleans

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Oct 032016

Scott Bakula On Shooting ‘NCIS’ In New Orleans
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hn-vrnH9DBY” title=”Scott Bakula On Shooting ‘NCIS’ In New Orleans” upload_time=”2016-09-20T14:10:51.000Z” description=”Scott Bakula stopped by ‘CBS This Morning’ on Tuesday to discuss his third season on the hit crime drama ‘NCIS: New Orleans.’ In the interview, the actor said” duration=”PT40S”]
Scott Bakula stopped by ‘CBS This Morning’ on Tuesday to discuss his third season on the hit crime drama ‘NCIS: New Orleans.’ In the interview, the actor said one of the best things about being on the show is shooting in the city of New Orleans. Bakula told the hosts, quote, “It’s a vital, crazy place. There’s always something to look at that’s unique and that you don’t see anywhere else, and we have the keys to the city, so we take advantage of it.” NCIS: The new season of New Orleans premieres this week.

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Watch: Louisiana AG Unveils New Crime Reduction Effort In New Orleans Area

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Oct 022016

Watch: Louisiana AG Unveils New Crime Reduction Effort In New Orleans Area
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”q-f0_JdWzrg” title=”Watch: Louisiana AG Unveils New Crime Reduction Effort In New Orleans Area” upload_time=”2016-07-06T20:41:31.000Z” description=”Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry held a news conference to unveil a new crime reduction effort in the New Orleans area. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now” duration=”PT17M34S”]
Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry held a news conference to unveil a new crime reduction effort in the New Orleans area. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more:

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Oct 012016

Exposing The Truth – New Orleans WELCOMES Black Lives Matter Protesters To Our City
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”CxEH6FxJuXE” title=”Exposing The Truth – New Orleans WELCOMES Black Lives Matter Protesters To Our City” upload_time=”2016-04-15T01:56:52.000Z” description=”New Orleans WELCOMES Black Lives Matter Protesters To Our City Black Lives Matter Protesters Come To New Orleans And Protest Against The REAL Problem Blacks” duration=”PT15M23S”]
New Orleans WELCOMES Black Lives Matter Protesters To Our City

Black Lives Matter Protesters Come To New Orleans And Protest Against The REAL Problem

Blacks killing Blacks In New Orleans

Blacks Murdering Blacks In New Orleans

Black Crime In New Orleans

Former Saints Player Super Bowl Winning Will Smith Killed By Black Gunman In New Orleans

Saints Player Shot And Killed In New Orleans

Black Crime Across America U.S.

New Orleans-native Tyrann Mathieu Helps Tackle Crime With Youth Football Camp For Kids

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Sep 302016

New Orleans-native Tyrann Mathieu Helps Tackle Crime With Youth Football Camp For Kids
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”o5beesWqGTo” title=”New Orleans-native Tyrann Mathieu Helps Tackle Crime With Youth Football Camp For Kids” upload_time=”2016-06-05T23:20:10.000Z” description=”New Orleans-native and NFL player Tyrann Mathieu held a youth football camp Saturday for about 300 children in an effort to address violence in the city. Subscribe” duration=”PT1M28S”]
New Orleans-native and NFL player Tyrann Mathieu held a youth football camp Saturday for about 300 children in an effort to address violence in the city. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more:

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