Sep 112015
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The Importance of Mobile Optimization for Websites

New Orleans Web DesignMore time is now spent using the internet on mobile devices than desktop computers.  Because of this dramatic shift in the way people utilize the web, websites had to evolve.  Web design has truly come a long way in recent years. No truer is this then when it comes to mobile optimization for websites. With over 50% of global companies now with mobile sites (or a website that adjusts its display for mobile devices), it is simply imperative for any brand to have a strong mobile presence. This allows your website or blog to be viewed via wireless, remote, and digital devices resulting in higher search engine visibility and stronger conversion rates. You are also able to establish a strong presence at the grassroots level, while appearing in vital local search results for brand recognition and awareness. This is known as responsive web design, which also enables sites to automatically rearrange themselves for mobile patronage and access.


Google and Mobile Optimization

Google is the worlds largest and most popular search engine. In recent years, it has also become a central hub for SEO optimization and tools. No truer is this then when it comes to mobile optimization for sites, blogs, and online venues. As part of Googles recent updates and changes to algorithm, all sites must now be optimized for mobile viewing and readiness. If your site doesn’t pass Googles check (to see if your site is mobile friendly) your website will not show up in ANY Google search taken place on a mobile device.  With the number of searches taking place every month on smart phones and tablets, you cannot afford to not have your businesses website show up in those searches. In addition, sites with low-quality and irrelevant content will continue to dwindle in page rankings and visibility. Without captivating and compelling content that effectively attracts and engages existing and new visitors, sites can also be removed from Google at the search engines discretion. These are penalties for not meeting or exceeding Googles newest criteria, and can be detrimental for any new or existing commercial venture trying to get off the ground.

Responsive Web Design

mobile web designOne of the most common ways to insure that your website displays and reacts well on mobile devices is to build the site using responsive design.  Responsive design means that the website will display one way on a desktop computer, another way on a tablet (with a certain screen size) and yet another way on a mobile phone.  These adjustments are done automatically when a user visits your website.  Upon visiting, the site itself looks at the view-port size of the web user and displays for that size screen.  As mentioned, you will generally have 3 versions of each site for different sized screens.  Needless to say, this takes much longer to design as the web developer is building three versions of each page but this is by far the most user friendly for your potential customers.

SEO Services

SEOWhether you need mobile optimization or SEO services, a web design company can meet your needs within time and budget. All it takes is a simple phone call or e-mail to secure a complimentary consultation. This will allow SEO experts to put your ideas into fruition, while ensuring your sites perform at peak performance rates on the web. They can also help you with strategic keywords for web content and blogs, along with promotional videos, graphic design, business ads, and so much more.



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