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How Crime Affects Real Estate in Bethel, Louisiana

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Feb 052017

Everyone wants to insure the value of their personal real estate continues to grow at reasonable rates.  There are hundreds of things that can affect real estate values.  One thing that can change the value of your real estate in Bethel Louisiana is the crime level.  

Crime Rates and Property Values

Although homeowners have control over some aspects of their property value, such as updates, maintenance, landscaping, paint and other aspects of the home, the local crime rate in Bethel may have more of an effect that all of the previously mentioned upgrades.  In many instances, when a major, high profile crime happens in 71450 and makes the news, property values almost immediately go down.  Over the course of time, if a crime rates spike in Bethel you will see a steady decrease in the local property values.  

Perception vs Crime Rates

In some instances, the true crime rate in Bethel may stay unchanged, simply the fact that the news is reporting on local crime in Bethel can still bring a reduction to real estate property values.  Perception of the crime rate in Bethel can play just as strong a role in home values as the actual crime rate.  Most people are not aware of the actual crime statistics but simply take word of mouth and news reports to come up with their own idea of how bad the crime is in Bethel.  

Does Low Crime Equal Increased Property Value?

It goes to reason that if the crime rate in Bethel is bad and negatively affecting property values, a low crime rate should increase property values.  Although this may be true over the long term, simply the reputation of Bethel crime is actually more important.  If the city of Bethel has recently hired new officers or increased police patrols in 71450 that will most likely not have the inverse affect of increasing property values.  It can take years for a specific city, area or subdivsion to overcome the negative stigma of being “high crime”.  In the most dramatic of examples, simply the fact that some media reports on an elevated police presence in Bethel could also lead to devaluing property values.  Even with the lowering crime rate, the fact that additional police presence was needed is what the general public remembers.

Where Do Real Crime Rates Come From?

Crime statistics are derived from a variety of places.  In addition, several methods for measuring crime are used.  This can cause some confusion in the actual crime rate.  The most widely accepted method for collecting data on crime in Bethel is from law enforcement reports.  When a crime takes place in Bethel and the police are called to a scene, a report is filled out.  Those reports get tallied and organized by the offense.  In Bethel, we even categorize crime reports by violent crimes or non-violent crimes.  Although major offenses such as homicide and armed robbery make the news and get tallied more accurately, lesser crimes sometimes go unreported and undocumented.